...the Author

I have been an elementary school teacher since 1983. For twenty-seven of those years, I have taught kindergarten.

In 2009, I started photography as a hobby. I was interested in nature and having an arboretum located behind my home created a perfect opportunity for daily walks with my camera.

In October 2012, I received first place in the nature category of a local magazine’s photo contest. This led to a desire to use my work in a more creative and productive way.

My other hobbies are creating cards using my photographs, planting flowers in my garden, and entertaining family and friends.

...the History of DL Bookworm

DL Bookworm was formed during 2014 in Woodbury, Minnesota, but its origin began in 2012. At that time, I became a photographer. That same year I had a student who was interested in spiders.   So I started taking pictures of spiders in the arboretum behind my home.

After accumulating a large collection of photos, I decided to create a book for my students. My students used the book to practice reading at home with their parents. I shared the book with my colleagues. They loved it. This encouraged me to have the book published.

Since I wanted a specific format for my book I decided to publish it myself. I enlisted the parent of one of my students to become the graphic designer for the book. In March 2014 the first set was published.

...the Books

DL Bookworm books are a great resource for 3-7 year olds, classroom teachers, ELL teachers, reading specialists, preschools, and daycare providers. The books have detailed color photographs, thoughtful text layout, high frequency words, appropriate language structure, and level appropriate spacing.

The content covers the standards and skills essential for primary ages. The books are a perfect size (5½ “X 6½ “)  for young readers hands. The back cover of each book has an overview of the book along with questions for parents and teachers. The books are interesting, durable, and affordable.

DL Bookworm books will be a great addition to any literacy library for reinforcing and practicing the early learning strategies necessary to become a successful and life-long reader.